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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Golden Greek Goddess

Style: Palace
Color: Gold Met Pu
Size: 8
Purchase Location: online
Purchase Price: under $50

Greek-inspired, flirty and fascinating.

Before I rave over these cute heels, please proceed with caution.  While the heel height isn't more than 3.5 inches, the tied rope is all that keeps your feet secure. I do like these shoes.  I have not worn them yet, but I do have a few outfits in mind.  My sister actually purchased these shoes for a costume as a Greek goddess- perfect. When she was done with them, she gave them to me because as we all know, I "collect" cute shoes.

I do not recommend these shoes to just any and every woman.  These heels could be great for costuming, parties and lingerie.  If you are a shoe-addict like me, then you can find a fabulous way to wear these golden goddess heels.


The Tale of Mystery Mystique

Style: Mystique 003 #2091
Color: 31-Turqs
Size: 7.5 M
Purchase Location: Bakers
Purchase Price: under $90

Fun, Unexpected and Flirty.

A classic shape meets a funky twist of color and textures in these adorable turquoise peep-toe, sling-back heels.  I tried these shoes on and wanted them in my wardrobe asap.  These are obviously NOT staple heels.  These are for the woman who has her staple shoes already and wants to expand and have a little fun.

These fabulously fun heels would be perfect for a girls' lunch, worn with jeans or a dress.  These shoes can also add an amazing pop of color with a more neutral outfit.    

I recommend these heels but should point out, these heels feel a little different to walk in so make sure you practice in them before stepping out.  I wear heels often and am not downplaying your heel-walking ability, just letting you know my observations.  I would guess the heel height at 5 inches, but that's just a guess.


More Sugar, Please.

Chinese Laundry
Style: Z-Bellevue 
Color: Sugar Brown
Size: 7.5 M
Purchase Location: DSW
Purchase Price: under $60

Really cool, almost funky, definitely summer-perfect.

I saw these sandals in a magazine and showed my husband, obviously gushing with enthusiasm.  A few days after I showed him, my husband took me on a surprise trip to DSW to find them.  Not only are these shoes pretty awesome, I now have a neat story to tell as well. (My husband is really sweet.  Thank you, Derrick.)

These sandal-heels are perfect for spring and summer days.  They are surprisingly more comfortable than I would have thought.  I absolutely love them.  I must warn though that they are a tiny bit tricky to wear.  They aren't your average "throw-on-and-go" pair.  An outfit with these heels will require a little more preparation.  Make sure they complement your skintone and work well with your ensemble.  Treat them like booties.

I recommend these shoes, but beware, a more advanced stylista attitude is required.


Hot, Hot, Hot in Every Way

Chinese Laundry
Style: Hot Hot
Color: Glitter Blush
Size: 7.5 M
Purchase Location: Dillard's
Purchase Price: under $90

Feminine, Lovely, Chic.

These fabulously glamorous and glitzy golden peep-toe heels are AMAZING.  I am in love with what these heels do for my legs.  These heels may not be entirely appropriate for every office position, but if you can, do wear these shoes when you need a pick-me-up.  I must say that the golden tones work very well with my skintone, light to medium-light, so they act as a nudish shoe with a little more va-va-voom.

With slight cushion, I recommend adding a show insert for your comfort.  I would say, without measuring, that the heel is 4.5-5 inches.  You know how I love to touch the sky...  Actually, my husband is very tall so I have a lot of room to play with for height.

These golden goddess heels are perfect for a night out with the girls or with your significant other.  I wear these heels during the day too, but this is coming from someone who is never afraid of black eye liner.  So wear what makes you feel fabulous, and always be confident in what you wear.  I highly recommend these stunning and glittery heels for the woman who wants a little sparkle in her life.


Hello, Hello!

So sorry for the exaggerated absence.  I am back though.  I have a few new shoe reviews to post today.  Hope you enjoy!  :)

I will try to update much more this season.  Let me know if you have questions or comments.

As always, have a fabulous day every day.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

1st Annual StyleLife Contest- Metro East, IL- 2011

(Click link above to go to StyleLife Consultations site)

Hello powerful, beautiful women (and men). It is such a beautiful time of year. People getting ready for the holiday season, changing colors in nature and reflections of who and what we are thankful for, not to mention all the great fall fashion trends that help us realize our inner superstar, are just a few reasons why right now is a perfect time for a contest. I know we are all busy, but this contest is meant to be a fun and uplifting break from the hustle-bustle. Hope you enjoy.

I am starting an Annual StyleLife Contest, and I invite you to enter if you live in or near Fairview Heights, O'Fallon, Shiloh, Belleville (all in ILLINOIS) or within 20 miles of the above towns. For every fifty (50) entries, I will choose one (1) winner. The prize is a StyleLife Consultation with yours truly. Further details, such as consultation date and time, will be discussed when I choose the winner(s).

Just send me an email at cs.stylelife@yahoo.com (by Saturday, March 12, 2011) and tell me about yourself, or someone for which you are entering, and what you are thankful for, what makes your life beautiful and/or what makes you feel beautiful. Please include your name, the best way to contact you and any other relevant information. Thank you.

I will post entries on my site for inspirational purposes. All of our stories are important and can positively impact others. However, if you would not like your entry and/or name posted on my site, please make a note in your email, and I will respect your wishes. Thank you.

The Breakdown:

Who? One (1) winner per fifty (50) entries---- from Fairview Heights, O'Fallon, Belleville, Shiloh and surrounding areas within 20 miles, all within Illinois. Next year may include a different location/area.

What? The winner(s) will win a free StyleLife Consultation with me. We can arrange details according to the desires of the winner, such as appointment date and time.

When? Deadline for entries for the 1st Annual StyleLife Contest is
Saturday, March 12, 2011.

The winner(s) will be selected and notified within two weeks of the deadline date.

Where? This year's qualifying locations are Fairview Heights, O'Fallon, Belleville, Shiloh and surrounding areas within 20 miles, all within Illinois. If you are unsure whether your town/city is included, please email me at cs.stylelife@yahoo.com. Thank you. Next year may include a different location/area.

How? Tell me about yourself and what makes you thankful, what makes you feel beautiful and/or what makes your life beautiful. If you know someone who needs some pampering and lifting of spirits, you can enter for them as a gift. Please include your name (and the person for whom you are sending an entry, if applicable), the best way to contact you and any other relevant information. Thank you.

Hope you all enjoy this contest, and I am sure I will enjoy reading your beautiful entries. Have a fabulous day every day. Hope to hear from you soon. -Catherine

Friday, July 23, 2010

More Shoe Reviews to Follow

Hey fellow shoe lovers and addicts,

I am returning with new shoes to review so keep an eye out within the next week or two. I will have more photos and more ratings very soon. If you have a pair you are curious about or would like to review here, please let me know. Email me at cs.stylelife@yahoo.com or comment below.

Have a fabulous day every day!